.22 Caliber Plinking Range

The .22 caliber plinking range is set up for you to relax and have fun with your .22 rimfire rifles and pistols while popping various plates, spinners, swinging targets, and other steel silhouette targets at 25 and 50 yards. There is also a backdrop for hanging paper targets at 25 yards. The club asks that all members clean up after themselves by policing up their spent brass casings, regardless of caliber, and placing them in the trash or brass bins as appropriate. Shooters should also be sure to remove any targets after they are done shooting.

Range Rules: .22 Caliber Plinking

  1. .22 caliber rimfire cartridges only (.22 short, long, long rifle)

  2. No more than 6 rounds may be loaded in rifles and 6 rounds in pistols.

  3. No glass bottles or other non-biodegradable targets.

  4. Do not place targets on wooden frames or uprights.

  5. When using plinking range, all other general range rules must be obeyed.

  6. Members violating these rules will be subject to disciplinary action.

  7. Clean up and take your trash along with you when you finish, such as ammo boxes and spent cases.

  8. No human silhouettes for targets.

  9. Hearing and eye protection are required.

General Range Rules (Apply To All Ranges)

  1. Current membership card must be displayed at all times when on club grounds.

  2. Drugs and alcohol prohibited.

  3. Ranges close at 7 p.m. on meeting nights.

  4. Ranges will be closed during maintenance and/or work parties.

  5. No children permitted on ranges except when directly supervised by their parent or guardian.

  6. A member is responsible for their guest.

  7. Shooting hours at all outdoor ranges are: 8:00am Monday through Saturday and 10:00am Sunday. Shooting ceases at sunset.

  8. Club members may not use club facilities for personal financial gain.

  9. No one may be forward of the firing line when someone is shooting.

  10. No one may handle a firearm on the firing line while anyone is forward of the firing line.
  11. Any firearm considered a pistol (barrel 16" or less and/or no butt stock) with a semi-automatic action and chambered in center fire rifle cartridges may only be fired at the allocated lane at the pistol ranges.

  12. Effective May 1, 2018 chamber flags or empty chamber indicators will be required at all ranges. No one may walk forward of the firing line unless a chamber flag is inserted into the action of their firearm.

If you do not have a chamber flag for your pistol or rifle, Columbia Fish & Game have provided yellow zip-ties throughout the club ranges for use as chamber flags. The chamber flag rule does not apply to holstered, personal defense firearms. If a handgun is holstered it is considered to be safe. Safety is our highest priority and these rules will be strictly enforced.

Be aware that we have installed security cameras at the pistol ranges, the rifle range, and the indoor range. Club officers monitor these cameras regularly and if violations are discovered the member found violating the rules will be notified to attend and upcoming board meeting to be given a hearing. The board will then determine the appropriate action to be taken.

As a self-policing club, in alignment with Pennsylvania's S.P.O.R.T. initiative (Sportsmen Policing Our Ranks Together), it is your duty to be aware of all rules while on club grounds. If you see a violation of the rules, you can ask to see the membership card of the violator and submit their name to a club officer. If one of the club officers sees the violation you could lose your membership privileges. We will not tolerate continuing safety and rule violations as this places the entire club at risk if there is an incident related to mishandling of firearms.