Membership Information

Becoming A Member of Columbia Fish & Game


Columbia Fish & Game is unlike many of the other sportsmen’s associations in the Lancaster area. We don’t have mandatory club maintenance days, or minimum time spent helping around the club. We do expect members to want to help with events, and more importantly take care of the club buildings and property as though it were their own. Membership is capped at 1600 regular members, and we do have honorary and lifetime members that do not count against that total.

Per our club constitution (Article IV, Sections 1-4):

  • Active Membership: Active membership may be attained by any person who is an American citizen, 16 years of age, and of good moral character.
  • Life Membership: Life membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to any member who has belonged to the Association for 10 consecutive years and gave an exceptional amount of his time and effort during those years to the Association. There can only be one dissenting vote on the Board for life membership to be granted. A life member shall be exempt from payment of dues and he shall have all the privileges of an active member.
  • Honorary Membership: Honorary membership may be granted to any individual who has attained eminence in the pursuits of forestation and purification of waters, or in advancing the interest of fishing, hunting, forestation, and purification of waters
    in Pennsylvania. An honorary member shall be exempt from payment of dues. Honorary members may not hold office or participate in votes conducted by the Association.
  • Application for Membership: Any person who desires to become an active member of this Association with proper recommendation, shall complete an application card, and pay the initiation fee along with the initial year’s dues. The application shall be voted on by the members present at the next regular meeting. All applicants shall serve a one-year probationary period.


Interested In Becoming A Member?

We accept new members on a yearly basis with our membership opening in January. Applicants are admitted on a first come, first serve basis. There is always a waiting list and you will be notified if a position opens and you are eligible. You do not need to contact Columbia Fish & Game unless your contact information on your application has changed. If you have submitted an application we will contact you if/when you are eligible to join. This may be up to 2 years.

In order to become a member of Columbia Fish and Game Association you must complete the following steps. Failure to complete these steps will result in ineligibility:

  • Download and complete an application. The application must include the signature of a sponsoring member in good standing.
    • If you do not know any members to name as a sponsor you should attend public events at the club. They are labeled as public events in the event calendar. An example is our weekly public trap shooting event. This way you can get to know someone and they can get to know you.
  • Submit your application by US mail to the club. We do not accept membership applications by email. Do not send checks with your application.
  • Be prepared to wait up to 2 years as there is always a waiting list. You will be notified when an opening is available.
  • Once you have been contacted, you will need to attend a new member initiation class at which time you will need to pay your first year’s membership fee and initiation fee.

Simply download, complete, and mail in the application. DO NOT SEND A CHECKApplications can be downloaded and printed from the website, or they are also available at the clubhouse. Applications should be mailed to: Columbia Fish & Game Assn, P.O. Box 96, Silver Spring, Pa. 17575

Returned checks incur a $25 fee.


Download Application




The annual dues for CF&G membership is $50. New members are also required to pay an initiation fee of an additional $50, for a total of $100 for the first year of membership. This is not due until you attend the new members meeting and are initiated into the club. DO NOT SEND CHECKS OR MONEY WITH YOUR APPLICATION.

Members are required to submit the payment for their renewal each year by October 1st. Renewal notifications are sent out by regular mail, email, and notice is also posted on the club’s private Facebook page. Members are responsible for renewing their membership in a timely manner. Your gate card will be disabled if your dues are not paid in time.

Returned checks incur a $25 fee.



Other Information

Members are also required to sign an indemnification waiver prior to club orientation. When you renew your membership, you are also acknowledging that you agree to the terms of the waiver. If you feel that you cannot agree to these terms (shown below) please notify Kate Helm.


“I___________________________________ (please print) recognize that firearms, bows and other hunting implements are used on the property of Columbia Fish & Game Association (CF&G). I swear and affirm that I have experience handling and using firearms and bows, and further acknowledge that improper handling of these instruments may result in serious injury or death. I also understand that much of the club property is undeveloped, and that a certain level of ability to traverse outdoor terrain such as uneven, icy or muddy ground, is assumed. I therefore acknowledge that every time I enter CF&G’s property I am, and any of my guests are at risk of potential injury or death. I hereby assume all such risks, whether foreseen or not, for both myself, and any guest of mine. CF&G has not made any specific guarantee of my or my guest’s safety when on its property. I, my successors and assigns, agree therefore, to indemnity and hold harmless CF&G, its agents, successors, assigns, and any entity of which CF&G may be an agent, for any injury, loss, or other cause of action which may arise in connection with my or my guest’s use of CF&G. Moreover, I understand that only persons permitted to use firearms under federal and state law may use firearms on CF&G property. I am not prohibited under federal and state law from using firearms.

Also, I have received a copy of the range rules and regulations and agree to abide by these rules and regulations while on CF&G property.”


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