.22 Precision Rifle Shooting

Click on the image to view the MARS website.

Click on the image to view the MARS website.

Great News! Our club has scheduled a PRS shoot this season. The first date is October 12. We are now part of the Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series. As the match date gets closer, sign up information will be forthcoming.

Precision 22LR small-bore rifle shoot

Upcoming: Precision Rifle Practice

While the dates are pending, we will be holding 2 practice shoots for the precision small-bore shooting group. If you're interested in precision small-bore rifle shooting, please stay tuned!

MARS PRS Shoot Has Been Cancelled

Due to a schedule conflict we have cancelled the October 12th Fall Frenzy Precision Rimfire Match at Columbia Fish & Game Association. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and are already looking at dates in January to bring back the Polar Bear Challenge...